About Us

Allied Physicians of California IPA (DBA Allied Pacific IPA) was founded in 1992 to deliver quality and patient-centered healthcare to the growing population in Southern California. Allied Physicians of California IPA partners with La Salle Medical Associates in 2012, Pacific IPA in 2014 and Physicians Healthways in 2015, to continue solidify resources and strengthen medical care network, providing quality healthcare to the community.

As a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Allied Pacific IPA contracts with major health plans, physicians, hospitals, and local healthcare providers to deliver optimal patient care.

Allied Pacific has:

  • One of the largest networks of physicians and medical professionals in San Gabriel Valley
  • Efficient utilization review and billing process
  • Multilingual customer service representatives
  • Extensive after -hours urgent care facilities
  • Innovated outpatient surgical centers
  • Hospitalist Program
  • Chronic Disease Management Program
  • Palliative Care Program
  • Additional benefits including senior wellness center for senior members
  • Health education and community events